Our travel agency is offering a large range of products : accomodations, short breaks, packages, long stays and "à la carte" holidays. So many programs that we put at your disposal to create together memorable vacations and stays.


The Travel Agency

Our goal is to develop responsible tourism and to pass on to our customers, through our range of products: respect for nature, people, cultures, religions, but also non-waste of natural and energy of the visited regions.
By choosing MADE IN SLOVENIA for your vacation, you use an agency able to inform you and advise you before and during your stay. Indeed, the the small size of the country has allowed me to discover easily all his wealth and to provide tailored information to each of you. Talking Slovenian, knowing the rites and customs of the Slovenian people opened me doors which I will give you the keys.


The concept "Made in Love"

For your total freedom, your desires of discovery off the beaten track, MADE IN SLOVENIA reserve you the choice of the "à la carte": hotels, rentals, activities, tours, duration of the trip,... It is you who decide!
(Just follow the steps and fill up our form)

"Do not delay and start composing the recipe of your next vacation!"

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Source : Slovenian Tourist Board